Harry Saini

Electronics Systems & Technology Solutions Expert


Shaw Direct introduces Canada's most advanced HDPVR

We are happy to announce the upcoming launch date of the HDPVR 630 receiver!

As of today, customer’s will be able to call Shaw Direct and pre-order the new receiver which will be shipped beginning the first week of September. Pre-orders of the HDPVR 630 will only be offered through the call centre by calling 1.888.554.7827. The receivers will be available for all customers starting September 1, 2010 for $399.

The Motorola 3d Ready, HDPVR 630 combines HDTV and a 320 GB PVR to deliver dazzling programming and convenient interactive features.

The Motorola HDPVR 630 combines a full-featured, MPEG-4 capable digital receiver with an advanced high-definition television (HDTV) decoder and personal video recording (PVR) functionality. It delivers dazzling high-definition programming,
an easy-to-use menu, and advanced interactive capabilities. In addition to the standard audio and video ports, the HDPVR 630 includes component high-definition and HDMI® outputs. The HDPVR 630 also includes a hard disk drive that allows users to record programs for later viewing, as well as pause and resume live programming.
The HDPVR 630 enhanced viewer menu system contains an on-screen program guide that provides extensive program information to help viewers plan ahead. Future upgrades to the guide can be downloaded via satellite. The easy-to-use menu system is conveniently integrated in the remote control.

Benefits of the new HDPVR 630 Include:
  • Simple Navigation -The HDPVR 630 makes it easier to search channels, times, and programs.
  • Picture-in-Guide - By displaying channel and program listings on the bottom of the screen, viewers can browse the guide while continuing to view programming.
  • Dual-tuner PVR - The HDPVR 630 offers viewers the ability to record two channels at once.
  • Enhanced Parental Controls - Lock rated programming with a password, preventing the screening of inappropriate content to minors.
  • Upgradable - Future improvements can be downloaded via satellite.

Shaw Direct offers:
  • 100% digital satellite TV
  • More than 490 channels to choose from, including 65 HD channels
  • Award-winning local customer service from three Canadian call centres
  • No long-term contracts
  • Flexible programming packages
  • Prime time on your time – time shifting through six time zones
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound ™